The desire to tell and show the wonders of the world through my lens led me to rediscover a passion that
I put in a drawer as a child.
I started photographing moments of life so far away from our world, a lunar landscape that we can only imagine ...
Then, the deside to share the photos of my trips with other curious travelers, prompted me to post some photos on the site of Lonely Planet EDT: in 2007 one of my photos was included in the calendar Edt 2008 (May).
In 2008 I was ranked fourth, for participating in "Meeting travel" announced by Edt Lonely Planet / images / premiati.php.
In 2013 I decided to attend a photojournalism course held by TerraProject Team in Marangoni Institute in Florence.

My passion is increased leading me to photograph the different kinds you find on this website.

Good vision.



All photos are © Riccardo Martinuzzi and they can not be used in any form without explicit license from the author.